About Us

Our Story

After the AHDB potato levy board ceased to exist, leaving the potato industry without unified sector focused representation, GB Potatoes was established in May 2022 by a small group of potato growers to fill this void and provide a cohesive and impactful voice for the sector.

Operating as a streamlined and efficient organisation, GB Potatoes welcomes participation from all in the Potato Supply Chain.  This includes growers, packers, processors, seed growers, research organisations, independent advisors, and ancillary businesses.  By opening membership to all in the potato industry, GB Potatoes aims to facilitate collaboration across the industry, enabling collaborative actions to tackle the challenges confronting the sector.

The GB Potatoes Board of Directors strive to reflect the diversity of the growing and first purchaser base within the industry.  Any member of the organisation is eligible to stand for election to the Board.

With an unwavering focus solely on the potato sector, GB Potatoes ensures steadfast advocacy for the industry’s best interests.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the transformation of the potato industry, fostering innovation, sustainability, and prosperity for all stakeholders. We aspire to be the driving force behind a dynamic, competitive potato sector, where collaboration, excellence, and responsible stewardship define our collective journey. Through advocacy, and strategic partnerships, we aim to elevate the profile and performance of the potato trade, ensuring its enduring relevance and positive impact on society.”

We strive to be the catalyst driving a vibrant, competitive potato sector, characterised by collaborative endeavours and excellence, Through advocacy and strategic partnerships, we endeavour to enhance the visibility and efficacy of the potato trade, ensuring its enduring significance and positive societal impact.