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The GB potato industry faces many challenges, some that will have a dramatic effect on how we grow potatoes, and some that threaten the very production of the crop.

GB Potatoes is here to advocate for our industry.  Be that through identifying the challenges and bringing the industry together to find solutions, talking to governments and regulators, promoting and defending the potato and providing a platform for members to work in partnership on projects of mutual interest.

GB Potatoes is working on your behalf to support and represent the Great British Potato.

Our membership is split into 3 categories to represent growers, purchasers and associates.

For growers, membership fees are £10 per hectare.

For purchasers, the fee stands at 10p per tonne.

For associates, the membership fees are determined your company turnover, with our turnover bands outlined below.

A£0 – £499,999£250
B£500,000 – £1,999,999£750
C£2,000,000 – £4,999,999£2,000
D£5,000,000 – £10,000,000£3,000
E£10,000,000 +£4,000

Please note, listed fees do not include VAT
Our membership year runs from August to July of the following year,  Please speak to our administration support team for more details.

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