Initiatives Backed By Us

Learn more about the groups and organisations we work with.

Grow your own potatoes

GB Potatoes are a proud supporter of the Grow Your Own Potatoes (GYOP) project. The scheme is aimed at primary schools, the consumers of the future, and encourages them to take on their own growing projects.

Since its start in 2005, it has become the largest of its kind with over 6 million children taking part; learning where potatoes come from, how they grow and the health benefits. The straightforward and hands-on nature of the GYOP project makes it perfect for young pupils.


The CIPC Residues Monitoring Group (CRMG) is a cross-industry body which has been set up by the UK potato industry to satisfy the data submission requirements of the Health & Safety Executive’s Chemical Regulation Division (CRD).

They need us to measure chlorpropham (CIPC) residues in potatoes held in potato stores previously treated with CIPC.

This is needed after CRD set a temporary Maximum Residue Level (tMRL) for CIPC of 0.35 mg/kg effective from 10 April 2024. The MRL will monitor residues for CIPC as it is no longer approved for use in the UK but residues remain in store.

CMRG has already been given pan-industry support from the following organisations who have offered to sit on the Group: GB Potatoes, UK Potato Processors Association, Fresh Potato Suppliers Association, National Farmers Union, National Association of Agricultural Contractors (Postharvest Group), Certis Belchim B.V, UPL, CS Backhouse, Isle of Ely Produce, Potato Storage Insight and SA Consulting.

Flight against Blight

GB Potatoes are one of the sponsors of Fight against Blight. Running since 2017 and formerly funded by the AHDB it is led by the James Hutton Institute, a vital industry resource to aid growers and agronomists in their decision-making process for the control of potato blight. It is an early warning system for the changing genotypes of late blight empowering the industry to keep resistant strains at bay through the careful choice of blight fungicides. The UK initiative has close links with it’s European counterpart EuroBlight monitoring. We will continue to support the program on behalf of our members and the UK’s potato producers to secure its future.